Homeowner Consulting and Advocacy After Disaster

Homeowner insurance settlement advocacy improves outcomes after disaster.

DPI advocates for our clients, assuring a fair and complete homeowner insurance settlement and overseeing the entire process. Settlement of your insurance claim is an essential first step, and often dictates the total outcome of the claim. When a disaster occurs, rely on DPI to meet with the insurance agent and/or the insurance company’s representative and accurately analyze and estimate all damages.

The advantage of using DPI is that we are independent from any insurance company program, and we have the background to work with these companies to negotiate the best insurance settlement on your behalf. DPI works with you to explain all facets of your policy and claim, and how to read estimates by your insurance company and others. We understand the challenges and stress that comes with experiencing a tragic loss or disaster. In addition, estimates from DPI are completely free and confidential.

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