Decisions, Decisions …!

photo of Arnie Goodman, DPI PresidentYou have a loss, so you call your insurance company, and they handle it all for you, right? Well, in many cases, this process is not as simple as it sounds. Do you use your insurance company’s recommended contractor? Or should you use Disaster Pro International to advocate for your best interests? How will you truly know if these contractors have a pre-determined philosophy and pricing with your insurance company for your claim?

Once a claim has been submitted, the adjusting process is complicated by the fact that everything has a value and everything needs to be analyzed. The necessary preparation and presentation is very time consuming. Making the decision on who will help you do this is absolutely critical. It sometimes seems easier to simply go with the flow, but you then risk giving up your right to an unbiased opinion – one outside the controlled environment the insurance adjuster wants. By allowing the insurance company to control vendor selection and pricing, you really don’t know if you’re being fully compensated and represented fairly.

As restoration contractors who are also consumer advocates, we have over 30 years of experience understanding and implementing the processes and procedures to obtain maximum results for our clients, and we do just that.

All restoration companies are not the same – some may be able to present a good final product, and some may be good at cleaning your personal property, but we pride ourselves on being an all-encompassing solution for your disaster needs, with the least amount of hassle. In a nutshell, we take the pressure and difficulty out of dealing with your insurance company and make it easier for you achieve all your goals.

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Arnie Goodman
Disaster Pro International