Fire Safety – Prepare Your Home for Winter

Cold weather is upon us; that means we are moving into fire season, and fire safety should be in every homeowner’s awareness. It’s important to prepare your home for the winter; here are some great tips to follow to stay warm and safe this winter!

  • Always check your gas lines inside and outside. If you notice any leaks get them taken care of immediately. If you’re not sure how to check your gas lines, call your local gas company to come out and have a look.
  • Check your chimney’s gas ignition. Especially for wood burning chimneys, take a mirror and point it up on an angle on a sunny day into your chimney. Check to make sure you can see the outside in the reflection. If not, your chimney is backed up and needs to be cleaned.
  • Use chimney covers on the outside. This will keep out vermin and birds from making their home in your chimney.
  • Burn Smart. Make sure when burning logs to stack them so they won’t topple over and land on your carpeting. This can easily cause a fire.
  • Use electric heat wisely. If the power goes out in your home, do not use a gas stove to heat up the house. Make sure you are using professionally approved heating products to warm your home this season. It’s also important to not overload your circuits when using electric heating methods.
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