Bainbridge Ohio Home Fire Damage Reconstruction Project

Our recently completed home fire damage reconstruction work on a Bainbridge, Ohio residence. The fire started in a second floor front bedroom. Disaster Pro International crews tore off the damaged second floor of the house and rebuilt entirely, with new roof and siding and some beautiful new interior details incorporated into the rebuilding project.

Spring and Summer Thunderstorm Preparedness

Even though spring and summer is a time for more sunshine than showers, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare for the unexpected thunderstorms that could cause some dark times. Having an electric generator in your home is the first step to prevent unnecessary blackouts. Generators will help keep all critical appliances working during power outages caused by storms. Many can be purchased at local hardware stores or online.

Fire Safety – Prepare Your Home for Winter

Cold weather is upon us; that means we are moving into fire season, and fire safety should be in every homeowner’s awareness. It’s important to prepare your home for the winter; here are some great tips to follow to stay warm and safe this winter! Always check your gas lines inside and outside. If you notice […]